Sunday, January 16, 2005


Welcome back to the world of non-smoking!
If you have not smoked for 5 days, then I am absolutely delighted and I wish I that I could give you a handshake or a big hug! The fifth day of not smoking is a important milestone. Although you may not feel like it yet, your body has expelled all, of the nicotine that had accumulated. Your lungs have already begun rebuilding. Your circulatory system has already started recovery.
Again I say, welcome back to the world of non-smoking!
Becoming a non-smoker is not a single event. It is a process and it will take time. How much time, varies with each individual. EACH DAY WILL BE EASIER.
The urges will become less frequent, as I'm sure you've already noticed. Still, they will hit you when you least expect for several weeks. Continue practicing your trigger killers and don't be caught off guard. Remember that old habits are difficult to break. You need to really work at developing new habits to overcome old ones. You can teach yourself to reach for a toothpick, swizzle stick, chewing gum, etc., to replace the old habit of reaching for a smoke.
You ARE a non-smoker again! Do not for a single second, allow yourself to think otherwise.
Our brain is the center of our pleasure. Pleasure within the brain, is the same bio-chemical process, whether it is pleasure from ice-cream, sex, or smoking. Really! That's why it is VERY important, that you stimulate the pleasure center of your brain with pleasant thoughts, delicious food, engaging entertainment, mental relaxation, physical exercise, physical relaxation, etc.; the things that give you pleasure.
For the next couple of weeks, be sure to read through every page of this program every day. And be sure to review your FACT SHEET several times each day. There will be a tendency to skip doing these steps, as you build confidence in being a non-smoker. Don't let it happen. Remember to reward yourself at milestones, as suggested in Session Two.
When you have passed the two week milestone, would you please send me an email at the link below.
Since this program has helped you, would you please consider helping others, by making a small donation to the continuing expense of maintaining this web site and it's program. I would be grateful. And you can take pride in being instrumental in perhaps saving a life. Just click on the donation link below.
Thanks and may God bless!