Sunday, January 16, 2005


i found this article and i think that every smoker must read it!!

Hi, my name is bill. For over forty years I was a smoker. Before quitting, I smoked as many as three packs of cigarettes per day! I sincerely believe that the program which I followed will work for anyone who has even a slight interest in quitting. And so, I am making it available for free. Many people spend hundreds of dollars on programs to stop smoking.
I tried many times to quit without success. I tried a number of gimmicks and methods but always fell back into my old habit, usually smoking more. I tried so many times to quit that I became tired of quitting and tired of failing. Perhaps you can relate to that.
I decided that if I was ever going to quit for good, that I would have to really understand why I smoked and exactly what motivations that I personally needed to quit. After months of thoughtful analysis of my own habits, this program evolved. It does work! I haven't smoked in years!
Does smoking kill? With all the warnings by the Surgeon Generals, AMA, etc., there is little room for doubt. Is it a sin to smoke? I'll leave that to your conscience. We are wonderfully made and we Christians are the temple of God, according to the Bible. St. Paul said that all things are permissible but not all things are profitable.
I feel so strongly that smoking is killing people, that I decided to document and publish on the web, the processes which helped me to be free of smoking, in the hope that it will save someone's life; maybe yours!
This program can help you to make a decision to quit smoking and stick with it. What has worked for me will work for you too!
No one can "make" a smoker want to quit smoking. But, a person who smokes can be led to make a decision to become a non-smoker. It's well known that smoking is a very difficult habit and addiction to break; but millions have succeeded. So can you!
This program can significantly ease the fear and discomfort of quitting. This package is made up of three sessions, and MUST be completed in that order.
If you have an interest in quitting a smoking habit, whether cigarettes, cigars, or pipe, then you are ready to begin Session One.
It's free, so what do you have to lose, your life?